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Role management

Allow different levels of access to different employees based on their role. Track, manage, and edit employee attendance in different site locations. Manage all sites and employee roles under one dashboard.

Report generation

Obtain data and feedback from VLOG to improve your construction business. Generate customised reports based on user experience and delivery and access and assess results instantaneously.

Automated alerts/notifications

Alert employees in real time with emergency alerts and notifications. Ensure all employees understand health and safety codes, and send out company-wide notifications to all employees on site at one time.

Contactless sign in/sign out

Scan the QR Code upon arrival and know exactly who is on site at any time. A simple, secure, and hygienic way to keep employees and visitors safe. The VLOG system allows efficiency and prioritises health and safety by promoting social distancing. Make health and safety a priority and use the app for accurate contact tracing as and when needed with real-time sign-in.

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Simple and intuitive setup

A smart and user-friendly app means a smart and user-friendly setup. Follow the steps below and transform your business or workplace.

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    Create Account

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    Sign In

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    Choose Subscription

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    Add Members

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    Record Visitors

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